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New type of Modems for Mitsubishi PLCs

  • modems come in a DIN-rail housing
  • connection to a Mitsubishi PLC via RS232 (RS485)
  • Several Mitsubishi PLC-Protocols are supported: AlphaXL & FX-series, Q-series
  • programming with "MX alarm editor" or "MX alarm editor Pro"

MIM (Mitsubishi industrial modem)

  • Remote programming of the PLC
  • Send/Receive SMS-messages

MAM (Mitsubishi alarm modem)

  • Remote programming of the PLC
  • SMS-control
  • Alarm messages: SMS, Fax, E-mail
  • Password protection possible

Brochure (PDF) Mitsubishi modems
Mitsubishi's site
Mitsubish Electric

Click on the image to get a larger view..
GSM AL2 14MR D 1
Click on the image to get a larger view.. GSM AL2 14MR D 1

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