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Post:      Provendor Oy
              Teljänkatu 8 A 3
              FIN-28130 PORI

Business hours:
08.00-17.00 (local time)

Phone:  +3582 522 3300
Fax:      +3582 522 3322

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Marketing and sales:

Kimmo Lius
Managing director
    Phone: +3582 522 3311     Gsm: +358400 621 082
    • General management, PR, SP
    • Projects, planning and programming services
    • Mitsubishi; PLCs & MC & servo drives
    • Siemens; PLCs

Ari Kuusisto

        Phone: +3582 522 3313    Gsm: +358400 590 231
    • Projects & instrumentation
    • Siemens; PLCs & drives & field devices
    • Mitsubishi; Alpha & servo drives
    • Delivery time and situation

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