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Technology CPU 317T-2DP

Siemens' CPU 317T-2DP is the ideal way to solve comprehensive control tasks and perform motion control tasks of low to medium difficulty quickly and easily. Configuring and programming are done entirely within the familiar SIMATIC environment. Neither a special motion control language nor additional hardware is necessary.

Siemens 317T-2DP

Innovative design

The technology CPU 317T-2 DP is equipped with digital inputs and outputs as well as two PROFIBUS interfaces to cover all eventualities. Equidistance and isochrone mode are supported on the PROFIBUS for dynamic motion control of multiple linked or individual axes. Highspeed process information is processed and cam signals are output over the local inputs and outputs.

In addition, the comprehensive SIMATIC S7-300 product line also includes a wide variety of centralized components for modular expansion, making it possible to perform an exceptionally wide variety of tasks. SIMATIC’s famous flexibility allows users to choose precisely the components they need to optimize the costs for the applications they need.

Configuring instead of programming

User-friendly, intuitive dialogs in STEP 7 are used to configure and assign parameters to the drives. These dialogs allow users to create axes, assign default values, and set limiting values and monitors. The tools needed for diagnostics and commissioning are also integrated.

Motion control functions

Sequences of motions are programmed by way of function calls from the PLC user program. These motion control functions are based on PLCopen, the international standard which includes motion control programming, and are integrated in STEP 7.

Including technology functions:

  1. Gear and cam synchronism
  2. Print-mark correction by probe
  3. Travel to limit stop
  4. Path-dependent or time dependent cam switching
  5. Controlled positioning

  Advantages at a glance
  • Integration of technology/motion control in one SIMATIC CPU reduces hardware and software costs.
  • One S7 user program for PLC and motion control.
  • From drives over motion control to PLC – all with STEP 7.
  • No additional engineering tools required thanks to STEP 7. That saves time and reduces costs.
  • Complete programming in all SIMATIC languages reduces training overhead.
  • Existing S7 programs can continue to be used. That reduces programming costs.
  • PLCopen-compliant motion control functions simplify engineering and service.
  • Isochronous PROFIBUS enables control of high-speed functions.


Technology CPU CPU 317T-2 DP

Main memory 512 KB

Load memory via MMC 4 MB to 8 MB

Order No. 6ES7317-6TJ10-0AB0

Dimensions (WxHxD) 160 x 125 x 130 (mm)

Execution times (μs)
Integrated inputs/outputs
Bit 0.1  DI/DO 4/8
word 0.1 AI/AO --
fixed-point 0.2

floating-point 2

Timers/counters 512/512

Addressing ranges
Digital channels, max. 65,536 MPI 12 Mbit/s Yes
Analog channels, max. 1024 PROFIBUS DP Yes

PtP communication No

Siemens 317Tbig

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