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SIMOTION Motion Control

The innovative SIMOTION Motion Control System provides you with exactly the freedom that you require for the construction of modern machines.

SIMOTION is also, of course, a fixed part of Totally Integrated Automation   SIMOTION is available for all machines carrying out Motion Control tasks - from simple machines to the high-performance variety.

Simotion Motion Control

The focus is on a simple and flexible solution to a huge variety of Motion Control tasks. In order to achieve this in the best way possible, a new system approach has been introduced:

Motion Control has been combined with two other control functions found in most machines: PLC and technology functions.

This approach enables the Motion Control of axes and machine control within the same system. The same applies to technology functions, such as pressure control of a hydraulic axis. A seamless switch can be made from position-controlled positioning mode to pressure control.

Combining the three control functions of Motion Control, Logic Control (PLC) and technology functions has the following benefits:
  • Reduced engineering overhead and increased machine performance
  • Time-critical interfaces between the individual components are no longer required
  • Simple, uniform and transparent programming and diagnostics of the entire machine


SIMOTION is divided into three different hardware-platforms:


Depending on the machine type, very different demands are placed on the machine construction. Each hardware platform has its advantages in certain fields of application. The various platforms can also be combined very easily, which is especially an advantage for modular machines and systems. The individual hardware platforms always have the same system properties, i.e. functionality and engineering are always identical - irrespective of which platform is used.

You can therefore always select the platform which is most suitable for your machine:

SIMOTION D -  Drive based

  •  is the compact, drive-based version of SIMOTION based on the new SINAMICS family of drives.
  • With SIMOTION D, the PLC and Motion Control functionalities of SIMOTION and the drive software of SINAMICS run on control hardware in the SINAMICS S120 design.
  • SIMOTION D is offered in various performance versions. Thereby, the highest scalability and flexibility are guaranteed.
  • By means of the integrated PLC in accordance with IEC 61131-3, SIMOTION D can control beside of motion the whole machine.
  • HMI devices can be connected to the on board PROFIBUS or Ethernet interface for operating and monitoring. Via these interfaces, functions such as remote maintenance, diagnostics and teleservice are possible.

SIMOTION C - Controller based

  • SIMOTION C is the modular controller variant with the proven design of the SIMATIC S7-300 using its simple expansion options.
  • SIMOTION C230-2 is a high-performance Motion Controller for control functions and Motion Control tasks.
  • HMI devices can be connected directly to the on board PROFIBUS or Ethernet interface for operator control and monitoring. Functions such as remote maintenance, diagnostics and teleservice can also be used via these interfaces.

Siemens Simotion C


  • Motion Control and Human Machine Interface on one single platform
  • SIMOTION P is an open PC-based, Motion Control system. PLC, Motion Control and HMI functions are executed together with standard PC applications on one platform.

Siemens Simotion P

Open architecture with Windows operating system

The boundaries between the manufacturing environment and the office level are becoming increasingly blurred.

With SIMOTION P, the benefits of the office data processing environment, such as

  • networking
  • high memory capacity for data
  • data backup concepts and
  • integrated communication

are included in your machine.

SIMOTION P combines the benefits of a Microsoft Windows operating system and a real time SIMOTION Motion Control operating system on one industrial PC platform.

With SIMOTION P, visualization tasks and even engineering can easily be implemented directly on the PC. When using HMI software from other development systems, the standardized OPC server interface can be used.

Functions such as remote maintenance, diagnostics and teleservice can also be used via the integrated Ethernet interface. In addition, standard PC interfaces are also available for your applications.

Standard interfaces

They can be used for:

  • Hardware, such as a printer, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Software, such as visualization software or Microsoft Office programs

Read more about SIMOTION pro from Siemens' pages!

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