Array APB series

Array APB series

APB series PLC products are of 4th generation developed by ARRAY. Main module has 12\22\24 points; Extension module: 22 points; It is flexible for 7 I/O extension modules, 1 voice module, and 1 SMS module; Also can be placed a li-ion battery to power the clock; Module has voltage AI/12 road, current AI/2road and current AO/2road; Also with high-speed 10khz/4road and 50khz/2road; With Modbus protocol, can connect SH300; add the new FB, as pwm, pto, acc and analog calculation etc…

APB-SMS module

When APB-SMS has been connected with APB PLC, APB PLC input state can be inquired and output state, time and count parameter,
analog parameter can be inquired and set by sending the mobile phone instruction. The alarm message can
be sent to user mobile phone by programming SMS function block in APB software.


APB-series controllers are programmed with APB software.

You can download software and the User’s manual here :

APB User´s manual

Technical Parameters APB series