Multi-purpose 6-axle articulated arm robots for loads from 2 to 70 kg and reaching ranges from 504 to 2055 mm. The two-arm structure has both great freedom of movement and good stability and versatility for different applications.

All systems have factory-built connections for Ethernet, USB, camera and additional axle connections.


Robot series that specialize in fast palletizing, re-sorting and precise placement with models for up to 20kg load capacity. All product range options are available as stand-alone systems or as integrated configurations for full PLC control.

Pneumatic and electric grippers as well as connections for Ethernet, USB, camera, 2 encoders and 8 additional axes. Also available are I / O and fieldbus expansion cards.


A collaborative robot that allows work to be done in the same space as the employee and is easy to use and program. The Assista robot is easy to control and teach with the robot arm control buttons, and programming and teaching tools are no longer required.

Robot programming also does not require expertise, you can create programs with intuitive functions using RT-Visual-Box. With the visual “train by demonstrating” programming method, you can easily program the robot by moving the robot’s arm and setting new program waypoints along the way.


Space-saving and compact robots with ceiling mounting above the work area. The RH-1F(R)HR is optimal for high-speed part handling applications up to 1 kg load capacity and up to 150 lifts / min with conveyor tracking. RH-3F(R)HR with a more flexible cylindrical workspace, diameter 700 mm and spindle impact depth 150 mm.


Due to their low price, the compact and lightweight SCARA robots offer excellent value and performance for a variety of assembly, material handling and packaging applications. Multiple payloads, dimensions and protection ratings to choose from.

I/O points for 32 inputs and 32 outputs, control up to eight axes, wiring and pneumatic