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Array Micro Controllers

Array’s Super series of controllers now available!
In general
The Super (SR) series of controller’s by Array, are programmeg via FBD,
which makes implementation easy, regardless of whether or not you have any previous ladder-logic experience. The number of inputs and outputs can easily be extended with extension modules, if the amount on the controller is not sufficient. In addition to digital signals, these tiny controllers accept analogue signals to some of their inputs, so temperature, moisture, pressure and flow-control is possible.
It is equipped with a removable, convenient and programmable LCD, providing 64 friendly human-machine interfaces, 32 virtual keys, having the function to display alarm messages and parameters and the capability to modify that parameter.
When needed, it can be installed. And when not needed, it can be removed and replaced with an ordinary front panel. Thus greatly reducing the cost.
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Arrays SR Series models