Technological development AD2024

At the beginning of the year, we were moving into the post-corona period, which was only partly true. At the same time, our eastern neighbor moved to a military economy, which, of course, increases the investments of the military industry in the West, with a delay. Both things have had a significant impact on the availability of components in the automation industry, which is slowly becoming normalized. Of course, there are still problematic products, e.g. in security technology. Microcircuits equipped with HF, i.e. high feature characteristics, will therefore continue to be in high demand.

During the corona period, Mitsubishi Electric has supplemented its product range with the modular logics of the iQ-R series, and the iQ-F product family has also added more options, such as the FX5UJ and FX5S at the most affordable end of the range. In servo drives, sales are starting to shift to the MR-J5.

Siemens, on the other hand, is renewing its operating panels to the Unified collection, which is now also being completed with regard to Basic panels. The user side has also been greatly renewed and the 1500 series PLCs have received plenty of additional features and parallel products.

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