SR-series controllers are programmed with Super CAD. There are two versions of Super CAD: one for Windows XP and one for Vista7. You can download both of them here:

Download the users manual for the controllers and Super CAD:
SR User’s manual


Download application examples:
Application description in PDF, and the SuperCAD-project in a ZIP-package.

  1. Outdoor illumination control (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  2. Air conditiong (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  3. Control of shutters (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  4. Syphon machine (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  5. Control of blender (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  6. Show window illumination control (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  7. Outdoor & indoor illumination control (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  8. Greenhouse irrigation control (Description, SuperCAD-project)
  9. Elevator control (Description, SuperCAD-project)