Motion controllers

Autonomous single-axis motion control system

The new MR-MQ100 motion controller is specially designed to be used with the powerful servo amplifiers of the MR-J3-B series. It can control the servo amplifier for a single axis at high speeds with great precision. Simultaneously, it can also synchronise movement with an external master encoder or a virtual axis. In addition to point-to-point positioning the controller can also be used for complex movement sequences, for which it is equipped with an encoder input,
four high-speed digital inputs for registration mark identification and two digital outputs.
The compact controller module does not need support from an external programmable logic controller. A control terminal, a computer or other controllers can be connected directly to the integrated Ethernet port. The device uses a 24V DC power supply and is connected to the servo amplifier via the high-speed optical SSCNET III (Servo System Controller Network), which supports data rates of up to 50 megabits per second. Bus cycle time is just 0.44 milliseconds and plug-and-play installation is quick and easy, without need for complex configuration.

Motion controller (MC) System Q- series

Introducing the SSCNETIII compatible Q173HCPU/Q172HCPU to the Motion controller Q Series! High speeds and high accuracies are attained to comply with the MELSERVO-J3 servo amplifier.
The conventional Q Series Motion controller´s functions and programming environment are incorporated.
  • Operation tact time is shortened with a motion operationcycle of min. 0.44ms (2 times the conventional cycle).
  • Accuracy for the synchronous and speed/position control is improved by reducing the command communication cycle to the servo amplifier to min. 0.44ms (2 times the conventional cycle).
  • Motion CPU module contains a 64-bit RISC processor for motion control and event processing. Large volumes of data can be communicated with a personal computer without affecting motion control performance.
  • Compatible with the high-speed sequence processing of the MELSEC-Q Series PLC CPU (Platform). (Basic command scan time of 34ns using the Q25HCPU)
  • Various motion functions are included, such as multi-axis interpolation functions, speed control, electronic cam profiles and locus control.

  • Control with suppressed variation in response time is realized using the Motion SFC programming method as a flowchart.
QH-Motion – technical brochure in PDF-format. QH-Motion
MR-J3 Servo Amplifiers and Motors. Technical catalog, includes QHCPU’s
System Q – technical catalog in PDF-format. Product Information
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