The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers and the associated positioning units, simple motion modules and high-end motion control systems from Mitsubishi Electric enable machine builders and end customers to increase production safety and improve productivity. 

  • Power rating 100 W – 7 kW
  • Up to 6000rpm max continuous speed without considerable loss of torque
  • Frequency response 2500 Hz
  • High resolution encoders 4000000 pls/r
  • Advanced tuning algorithms: Advanced One-Touch Auto Tuning function with real time adaptive load control
  • The MR Configurator2 programming tool allows convenient commissioning and diagnostics 
  • USB, RS-485, RS-422
  • New SSCNET-III/h 
  • Operation of rotary motors, linear motors and direct drive motors with a single unit

Melservo-J4 amplifiers, motors & control:   Melservo-J4

PDF brochure MR-J4: MR-J4 brochure

Manual in PDF-format: MR-J4-A manual

Manual in PDF-format: MR-J4-B manual

MR-J4 Product Selection Guide: MR-J4 Product Selection Guide



Techinacal brochure in PDF-format: Melservo MR-J4-A-RJ

Manual in PDF-format:
Melservo MR-J4-A-RJ Instruction manual


Brochure in PDF-format: Melservo MR-JE

Manual in PDF-format: Melservo MR-JE Instruction Manual


Easy operation and high performance, with small body:

  • Motors 50 W, 100 W, 200 W, 400w
  • and speeds up to 4500 rpm (nominal 3000 rpm)
  • 230 V 1~ input
  • One-touch tuning: Servo tuning
    is completed just by pressing the AUTO button on the front of the servo amplifier. Estemation of load to motor inertia moment ratio, gain adjustment or machine reconance suppression, can be executed automatically with one-touch operation 
  • Operation will continue even when a temporal change in load, power supply or resonance frequency occurs 
  • Built-in positioning function enables easy positioning operation without a controller

MELSERVO manuals PDF format: Manual MR-JN

Technical brochure MR-JN

Lisää otsikkotekstisi tähän

The new Mitsubishi linear servos are an advanced piece of technology,in which motion is created without mechanical impact (compared to conventional ball screws, transmission mechanisms, etc.). The result is a structure in which wear of such mechanical devices is eliminated, and total accuracy is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the machinery.

There are three different series of Linear servos: LM-H2, LM-F, ja LM-U2.

The LM-series of linear servos are compatible with MR-J3-B- servoamplifiers.
Parameter setting, gain adjustment, monitoring and test operation can be carried out easilly with MR-Configurator (setup software).

Read more about the LM-series in Mitsubishi´s brochures:
Servomotors and amplifiers

MR-J3 Linear Servo Brochure

and ask for an offer our sales department!

LM-H2 and LM-U2 linear servos
LM-linear servo motor series: features and structure
Parameter setting can be carried out easilly with MR-Configurator