Low-voltage control gear, switchgear and systems from Siemens offer a comprehensive and innovative range of products covering switching devices for load feeders or the distribution of power, control and signaling devices as well as complete cabinet systems. 


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  • is the flexible, modular motor management system for constant speed motors. By means of a PROFIBUS DP interface it can easily be linked to a higher-level automation system.
  • implements all motor protection and control functions, determines operational, diagnostic and statistical data and organizes the communication between automation system and motor feeder. In addition, SIMOCODE meets all the requirements for future-proof energy management.

SIMOCODE pro is divided into two device series with different levels of functions:

SIMOCODE pro C (Compact)   and   SIMOCODE pro V (Variable)


  • Higher operating management and process quality
  • Lower costs for planning, assembly and maintenance
  • Multifunctional electronic full motor protection
  • Detailed operating, service and diagnostic data
  • Open communication via PROFIBUS DP
  • Compatible with previous SIMOCODE-DP system

SIMOCODE pro C – Compact and Economical

SIMOCODE pro C is the most practicable and economical motor management system of its class that is currently available. This device series is particularly suitable for the changeover from conventional to communication-capable motor feeders.

  • For each feeder SIMOCODE pro C consists of a basic unit and a separate current measuring module. The two modules are connected to one another by a connection cable. They can be mounted together as a unit or separately.
  • As an option, an operator panel can be connected in order to facilitate control of the feeder from the cabinet door.

SIMOCODE pro V – Pure Flexibility

SIMOCODE pro V is the big brother of SIMOCODE pro C, the communication-capable motor management system. Up to five expansion modules can be added to it.  This enables precisely those functions to be added to the SIMOCODE pro V that are needed for the motor feeder.  

    • Flexibility by means of different expansion modules (digital, earth fault, tem- perature or analog modules)
    • Use of additional power management functions thanks to a combined cur- rent/voltage measuring module in place of the current measuring module


SIMOCODE pro System Manual 

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