Weighing Components for Automation Systems

With weighing systems directly integrated into the SIMATIC automation system in either central or distributed configurations, Siemens offers uniform solution concepts for weighing technology.
Here you find a wide range of weighing processors (for force measurements, container, batching, differential proportioning and bagging scales) and load cells, including installation accessories (for force and weight measurement
for use in harsh environments).

Performance features:

  • Integrated in SIMATIC
  • High accuracy
  • High speed
  • Can be calibrated according to OIML*)
  • Graded scope of functions
  • Suitable for deployment in hazardous areas
  • Application-specific parameterization
  • Extensive diagnostic options
  • Pre-configured software packages

SIMATIC system environment

  • Integration into SIMATIC S7-300/400 with various software packages
  • Integration into SIMATIC S7-200. As an expansion module.
  • SIWAREX can also be used for various applications in the field of microautomation
  • Integration into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system
  • Communication via various bus systems

Applications such as the following can be constructed with the aid of SIWAREX modules:

  • Weighing hoppers
  • Weighbridges
  • Belt scales
  • Check weighers
  • Emptying scales
  • Non-automatic weighing machine compliant with OIMLR-76
  • Automatic weighing machine compliant with OIML R-61
  • Automatic catch weighing machine compliant with OIML R-51
  • Automatic totalizing weighing machine compliant with OIML R-107
  • Loss-in-weight feeders
  • Solid flowmeter

According to the requirements, the SIWAREX modules have approvals and certifications for the EU and many other countries. The module can also be used for force measurement

All SIWAREX weighing modules can be integrated in SIMATIC automation systems without any problems, full data access is then possible via the SIMATIC. The following series of products are available:

SIWAREX FTA – more than just the standard

Officialy approved and flexible weighing, filling and dosing electronics for extreme high-speed and precision requirements. SIWAREX FTA (Flexible Technology Automatic weighing) has been designed for bagging, filling, single-component, multi component and control scales.

SIWAREX FTC – the module for belt scales and force measurement

Fast, precise and flexible weighing electronics for integrating belt scales in SIMATIC. SIWAREX FTC (Flexible Technology for Continuous weighing) designed for detecting belt loads, flowrates, belt volumes and for loading material. In the operation mode force measurement SIWAREX FTC is best suitable for bidirectionally tension and strain measurement.

SIWAREX U – the standard module

Compact weighing module for measuring the fill level of silos and bunkers, monitoring crane loads, load measurement on conveyor belts etc.

SIWAREX CS – The compact modul for ET200S

Bin scales, weighbridges, crane scales, force and tightening torque

SIWAREX MS – The MicroScale for SIMATIC S7-200

Main applications are bin scales, weigh control in the process, quality
control and crane scales